VIBS Counseling Services

Therapy that works for survivors in need…


VIBS offers free, confidential, individual and group counseling by experienced, Master’s level social workers or counselors.  Counselors help clients reduce emotional trauma, overcome feelings of isolation, and strengthen safety.

Whether in the group or individual setting, VIBS counseling is designed to provide survivors with the information and tools to maintain their own safety and recover from the trauma that they’ve endured. Through various forms of modern therapy, VIBS helps clients reclaim their emotional health and grow beyond the violence they’ve suffered.

All counseling services are trauma-informed and evidence based.  Some of the special programs within the counseling department include:

  • A three-week educational series on domestic violence
  • Individual and group counseling for adults and adolescents
  • Specialized adult groups include a dual focus on domestic violence and substance abuse, and on domestic violence and sexual abuse
  • Emergency crisis appointments
  • Spanish-speaking counselors available
  • Elder abuse counseling for those above age 50 who are abused by a spouse, relative or care-taker
  • Sign language interpreters provided when needed
  • 24-hour hotline
    (631) 360-3606
    TDD available for deaf and hearing impaired clients
    Call us or email us for more information or to schedule an appointment with a counselor.


Meet the Counseling Staff

Antonio Walcott, Bilingual Counselor

Alex Whicker, Child and Adult Counselor

Cristina Romero, Bilingual Counselor

Delores Kalakowski, Elder Abuse Counselor

Evan Haun, Child and Adult Counselor

Katelyn McGowan, Child and Adult Counselor

Maria Aviles, Bilingual Counselor

Maria Garcia, Bilingual Counselor

Marlyn Garcia, Bilingual Elder Abuse Counselor

Michelle Celestrin, Bilingual Children’s Counselor

Natalie Gmora-Nyman, Child and Adult Counselor

Steve Nillsen, Childcare Workers