The Signs of Abuse

If you believe a loved one may be the victim of domestic violence or involved in an abusive relationship, don’t ignore the signs:

  • Withdrawal from friends of family
  • Fear of upsetting their partner or “making them angry”
  • Injuries or visible marks/bruises/abrasions
  • Changes to personality or mood
  • Constant excuses for their partner’s conduct

If a loved one displays one or more of these signs, approach the subject with caution. Understand that “leaving” an abusive relationship can be dangerous, about 75% of homicides deemed related to domestic violence occur after the victim tries to end things with their abuser. Be a non-judgemental support for your loved one, offer them these tips to maintain their safety and encourage them to call 911 if they are in danger.

VIBS’ Crisis Hotline Operates 24-Hours per day and can be reached at (631) 360-3606.