Good Vibes Shot


Is someone in the bar making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe? Order a GOOD VIBES SHOT

This year, VIBS has introduced a new campaign designed to prevent incidents of sexual assault and rape. It is known that bars are common locations through which sexual assaults or attempts may be commenced. While neither the bars themselves, nor the alcoholic beverages served cause sexual assaults or the attempts to commit the crimes themselves, they are avenues through which crimes can be more easily facilitated given the settings.

It is reported that every two minutes a woman is sexually assaulted in the United States and about a sixth of all women will have been the victim of a sexual assault/rape or attempted assault. Through our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program, over 280 survivors have been seen at local hospitals following a rape or sexual assault over the course of the past 18 months.

The statistics are astounding, and indicate the need for proactive and modern solutions to prevent the continued sexual abuse of women. VIBS has coordinated with local food and beverage establishments to ensure that their patrons remain safe. Through these efforts, staff and management have been trained to recognize potentially dangerous situations and respond to them accordingly.

That’s where the Good Vibes Shot comes in: order a Good Vibes Shot to alert the server that you may be in trouble and she or he will subtly take action to help keep you safe, whether that may mean calling you a cab or alerting bar security. The Good Vibes Shot is a discrete way for members of our community to ensure their safety and avoid potentially harmful situations.

VIBS and your favorite food and beverage establishments recognize the need for people to have access to safety while out in the community, but we need your help! Spread the word and get out the message about the Good Vibes Shot!

Join VIBS in the fight to prevent future incidents of rape and sexual assault in Suffolk County by make a donation today.

Help is always available through the 24-Hour VIBS Crisis Hotline: (631) 360-3606