Safety Plan

The “Three P’s” – Safety from Domestic Violence:

If you are worried about your safety, remember the 3 P’s –
. This will help you prepare ahead of time.

• Birth certificates
• Driver’s license
• Medicaid card
• Immigration papers
• Bank account numbers
• Social Security card
• Important phone numbers
• Insurance papers
• Immunization & health records
• Marriage license / Divorce papers
• Any court orders, including protection, visitation, custody or support

• Extra keys to house and car
• Copies of court orders
• Medications
• Money
• Copies of important papers
• Important phone numbers
• Clothes for yourself and children
• Give these items to a trusted friend or hide them in a safe place where you can get them later

• A signal or code word to let family or friends know to call police
• A safe place to go – a friend’s house or emergency shelter

VIBS 24-Hour Crisis HOTLINE:  631-360-3606