Safe Space for LGBTQIA Victims

VIBS has a commitment to providing services to all victims of domessafe-spacetic, family and intimate partner violence. Our staff is well trained and consistently progressive in maintaining the most up-to-date knowledge and sympathy for underrepresented and historically oppressed groups, including LGBTQIA-identifying individuals.

Findings show that LGBTQIA people face domestic, family and intimate partner violence just as much and sometimes even more than non-LGBTQIA people. The risk for violence becomes even greater at what have become known as “intersections,” or the places where multiple minority identities cross one another. More than half of the LGBTQIA survivors of violence reported in 2015 were people of color and more than three quarters of the homicides reported were similarly of non-white groups. Transgender women, especially those of color, remain at the highest risk for intimate partner violence.

What data tells us is that unfortunately the LGBTQIA community has not often enough been able to find relief from violence or remedy for their abusive situations. A high percentage of LGBTQIA victims report having been denied access to safe housing due to their gender identification, and between a quarter and 31% of people in the community report being mistreated/under-assisted or wrongfully arrested by law enforcement.  VIBS is a Safe Space and wants to continue to be a resource for LGBTQIA victims of violence.