Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining the VIBS team! Current opportunities at VIBS:

Bilingual Paralegal

The Bilingual Paralegal is a grant-funded employee position charged with the responsibility of providing both paralegal and victim advocate support to victims of sex and labor trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault and more. The Paralegal uses a victim-centered and trauma informed approach to provide comprehensive, high-quality victim service support to all clients and paralegal support to assigned attorneys. The Paralegal dedicates 100% of their time to support the clients and the needs of the legal department. The Paralegal will hold a Paralegal Certificate or a Bachelor’s Degree and have a minimum of 1-2 years of experience providing legal supportive services to survivors of trauma.  Please apply through Indeed.


Bilingual Resource Advocate Counselor

The Resource Advocate Counselor (RAC) is charged with the responsibility of providing client centered, trauma informed direct services to victims of addiction crisis and other forms of traumas. The RAC will work towards creating a trusting relationship with the client. The RAC will provide crisis intervention in an effort to stabilize the client, will connect and access resources that address safe housing, food insecurity, and safety needs by guiding and empowering the client in navigating the social service, mental health, substance abuse, education, justice systems, and more. The RAC supports the survivor in obtaining legal support, orders of protection, child custody and support petitions. The short-term goal of the RAC is to address the symptoms of trauma and the long-term goal is to address the underlying issues in an effort to break the cycle of trauma for good. Please apply through Indeed.


Children/Youth Counselor (two positions available)

The full-time counselor will be providing trauma informed counseling services (including crisis intervention, individual, and group counseling) to children and youth who have been impacted by trauma. Please apply through Indeed.


Crisis Counselor (two open full-time positions to be filled)

The Crisis Counselor will be assigned to respond and support survivors of trauma who are referred to the agency but are not yet equipped or interested in formal, regular, in-office services. The crisis counselor will work to identify and address the needs of this vulnerable population and provide support until, at minimum, the client is stabilized. It is the mission of the agency to ensure that no survivor is denied access to supportive services. Please apply through Indeed.


Crisis Counseling Coordinator

The Crisis Counseling Coordinator provides guidance, support, oversight, and supervision to the Crisis Counselors, SANE Counselor, and Hotline Counselor to ensure that survivors of trauma are provided with access to in house (VIBS) and/or community services as needed and in a trauma informed manner. It is the mission of the agency to ensure that no survivor is denied access to supportive services. Please apply through Indeed.


To find out more about job or volunteer opportunities please call (631) 360-3730 or click here.



VIBS is an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, genetic information, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and veteran’s status in the delivery of services nor employment.