Emergency Room Companion Program Rape Crisis Counselor Application

Emergency Room Companion Program Rape Crisis Counselor Application

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True or False:

Indicate which of the following reactions are typical after a rape.

Client Interaction

Please describe how you would handle two of the following situations:

  1. After an hour of crisis intervention with a rape victim, she tells you that no one really understands unless it has happened to them, and asks you if you were ever raped. How do you respond if you were? If you weren't?
  2. You are at the hospital in an examining room with a battered woman. Suddenly her abusive husband bursts through the door yelling and heading for your client.
  3. You meet a teenage rape survivor at the hospital. Her mother and father are with her. When you enter the examining room her parents are yelling at her saying, “You should have known better, how could you let this happen?” What could you do?
  4. You have just arrived to the examining room of your client, a rape victim. One of the two responding police officers pulls you to the side and tells you, “If someone were to attempt to rape me, I would just lay back and enjoy it.” How would you respond?

Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk operates from a position of respect for all of our clients, staff and volunteers regardless of: race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, ability, age or gender. Any volunteer who shows intolerance to diversity will be immediately dismissed from the program.