Sexaul Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE)

If you have recently received a forensic examination at one of our SAFE Centers and wish to speak with a SAFE Advocate, call (631) 360-3606.

If you have been a victim of a recent rape or sexual assault, do not hesitate, call 911 and consider receiving a forensic examination at a local SAFE Center.

The Suffolk County SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Examination) program is a collaborative program sponsored by VIBS, the Suffolk County Police Department, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and our three partnered hospitals. The SAFE program allows victims of rape and sexual assault to go to their nearest SAFE Center (located discretely within our partner hospitals’ waiting rooms) and receive cost-free forensic examinations.

The examinations are performed by highly qualified and specially-trained medical practitioners who carefully collect evidence that may be used to prosecute the cases and provide justice for the victim. The goal of our program is to reach all victims of sexual assault in Suffolk County. Our team of SANE examiners continues to grow as the desire and passion to help victims as sexual assault is of top priority to our medical professionals. The medical professionals who conduct the examinations are a team of individuals that specialize in forensic evidence collection and are put through a rigorous training process to ensure proper evidence collection is performed when caring for a victim.

Currently, our SAFE Centers are located at: Good Samaritan Hospital, Peconic Bay Medical Center, and Stony Brook University Hospital. 

Interested in becoming a SAFE examiner or volunteering as an Emergency Room Companion?