Making Exploitation Harder

How to protect yourself from exploitation:

  • Do not share your passwords (social media, bank, email, etc.) that someone can control. Gaining control over someone is the first step in trafficking.
  • Avoid posting your location on social media where a trafficker can target you. The less information potential traffickers can gain, the better.
  • Keep your ID documents safe and under your control; don’t let someone hold them for you. This again, is a method of control that someone can hold against you.
  • Identify friends, community members or family that you can trust for emergencies; come up with a safety plan if you need a place to go if you feel unsafe.
  • Always remember that you deserve to be safe and no one should treat you badly. Your worth should never be determined or controlled by another person.

By following these tips you can greatly reduce someone’s ability to exploit you. You are not for sale and if you have concerns for your safety or fear you may be a victim of human trafficking, call VIBS at our 24-hour Crisis Hotline at (631) 360-3606 to speak with trained staff who can begin to help.