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Long Island Imagine Awards Winners to Be Announced on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at the Crest Hollow Country Club

Islandia, New York – February 3, 2020 – Victims Information Bureau Family and Rape Crisis Center (VIBS) was named a Finalist in the Social Impact category in the
8th Annual Long Island Imagine Awards.

The Long Island Imagine Awards was created to offer formal acknowledgement to some of Long Island’s most effective and innovative nonprofit organizations. Last year’s event attracted over 400 attendees from the nonprofit and business communities and an even larger crowd is expected this year.

Winners will be announced LIVE at the awards gala at the Crest Hollow Country Club on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. Nominated organizations, their constituents and the Long Island business community are expected to attend. More than 160 entries were submitted for consideration in 5 categories, including Innovation, Leadership Excellence, Rising Star, Social Impact and Arts & Culture. VIBS Family Rape and Crisis Center is one of four finalists in the Social Impact category.

“We are honored to be selected as a finalist for this special award. VIBS has been supporting survivors of violence, including children, on Long Island for over 40 years and continues to work toward creating a society free of violence, stated Reina Schiffrin, Executive Director for VIBS.”

Finalists were chosen by Long Island business professionals during preliminary judging. Members of the Awards’ Distinguished Judging Panel selected the Imagine Awards winners from among the Finalists during final judging. “Being named a Finalist in The Long Island Imagine Awards is an important achievement,” said Ken Cerini, Founder of the Long Island Imagine Awards.  “It means that the Organization has been identified as a leader on Long Island, exhibiting impactful and innovative operations.  Congratulations to all of the Finalists on their achievement.”

Details about Long Island Imagine Awards and the list of Finalists in all categories are available at http://www.ceriniandassociates.com/imagine-awards.

About VIBS
VIBS’ mission is to create futures free of violence through advocacy, counseling and education for survivors of intimate partner abuse, sexual violence, child abuse, elder abuse, human trafficking and veterans with PTSD.

Since 1976, VIBS has pioneered services and innovative programs for victims of violence. VIBS supports survivors through counseling, advocacy and legal programs, working to prevent this violence through education and community outreach and raise awareness for the need for justice and compassion for all survivors. VIBS is committed to helping all victims of Suffolk County. VIBS’ services are free and confidential, available in English and Spanish and can serve those with disabilities, in accordance with the ADA. VIBS also has a 24/7 crisis hotline that is equipped to serve the deaf community.

About The Imagine Awards
The Imagine Awards was created in 2012 by Managing Partner, Ken Cerini of Cerini & Associates, LLP.  Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Imagine Awards recognize outstanding performances in the Long Island Community.  Learn more about the Imagine Awards, visit http://www.ceriniandassociates.com/imagine-awards.


New York State Senator Monica R. Martinez Implores Upon Her Colleagues to Make Common Sense Amendments to Bail Reform

250 Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, New York

Contact: Adina Beedenbender
January 27, 2020 Cell: 631-433-9126


“Amendments to bail reform are imperative. Lawmakers should not leave Albany until amendments are passed.”

(HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK) New York State Senator Monica R. Martinez announced her unwavering commitment to amending the newly enacted bail reform law. At the beginning of the year, Senator Martinez introduced bill S.7156 which seeks to make substantive changes to the new law that took effect on January 1, 2020. Senator Martinez has held meetings throughout her district and in Albany with key stakeholders in various law enforcement organizations and advocate groups to raise awareness of her proposed legislation and obtain input.

“I introduced bill number S.7156, Modified Risk Management for Community Safety, in order to prioritize the well-being of our neighborhoods and allow for comprehensive risk assessments,” said Senator Monica R. Martinez. “Bail was not intended to keep individuals incarcerated due to their socio-economic status but more as a tool to ensure their day in court. A person’s financial capability should not be a factor that determines their detention status. It should be determined by their prior history and the severity of the crime. As policymakers, it is our fiduciary responsibility to safeguard the well – being of our constituencies.”

This legislation will allow judges to have discretion when determining whether an individual should be held pretrial based on their offense and potential risk to themselves and society. The Legislature cannot turn a blind eye to repeat violent offenders and those who pose a threat to our children, families and friends. Bill S.7156 also proposes the creation of an appeals board, to allow prosecutors, defendants and victims to have a voice in the process.”

“One must consider the unique risks that a domestic violence offender poses to their partner, children, and community,” said Reina Schiffrin, Executive Director of Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk. “The new Bail Reform Act can result in increased danger and heightened risk of homicide for domestic violence victims. The amendment to the bail reform act put forward by Senator Martinez is extremely important to create some balance for victims’ rights.”

Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association President Noel DiGerolomo said, “the ill-conceived bail reform has tragically taken the lives of New York citizens. It is unconscionable this not a top priority for all lawmakers as it is for Senator Martinez. Every member of the Senate and Assembly should remain in Albany until modifications are made to ensure the safety and security of all New Yorkers.”

“The Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs Police Benevolent Association supports Senator Martinez and her efforts in addressing the concerns that the bail reform legislation has had on our communities in Suffolk County. We thank Senator Martinez for always being a champion of law enforcement” said President John Becker.
For additional information, please visit The New York State Senate site at: nysenate.gov/senators/monica-r-martinez.



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