In 2016, VIBS became an affiliate of Independent Group Home Living, Inc. (IGHL) under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, Walter Stockton. IGHL is recognized as a leader in providing services for people with developmental disabilities. IGHL is currently one of the foremost non-profit agencies in the Northeast who provide services to people who are developmentally disabled. IGHL provides a variety of services to more than 5,000 developmentally disabled adults, children and their families, through its system of over 80 group residences throughout Suffolk County, an extensive transportation network, several day service programs, and a staff of more than 1,600 (ranking it as one of eastern Suffolk’s largest employers). This affiliation has forged a new road for the future, using expertise of both agencies to help more victims of violence in the future.

VIBS Senior Management Team:

Reina Schiffrin
Executive Director
Phone: 631-360-3730, ext. 143
Email: rschiffrin@vibs.org

Corien Bologna
Senior Director of Counseling
Phone:  631-360-3730, ext. 160
Email: cbologna@vibs.org

Paige Carbone
Director of Development & Education
Phone:  631-360-3730, ext. 144
Email: pcarbone@vibs.org

Loretta Klein 
Director of Finance
Phone:  631-360-3730, ext. 136
Email: lklein@vibs.org 

Judy E. Lukose, Esq. 
Director of Legal Services
Phone: 631-360-3730, ext. 140
Email: jlukose@vibs.org

Karen Oprea
Director of  SANE/SAFE
Phone:  631-360-3730, ext. 115
Email: koprea@vibs.org

VIBS Office: 631-360-3730
VIBS 24-hour Hotline:  631-360-3606