Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is modern day slavery. Trafficking most frequently involves the trade of illegal services, sex or forced labor provided by trafficked individuals, the victims. The labor is usually demanded through violence and/or coercion, capturing and containing the victims.
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For the past three years, the US Department of Justice has identified Long Island as a top 21 spot in the US for human trafficking. Girls and women are advertised regularly for sex on, and many foreign nationals are trafficked by Central American cartels to the farms on the East End of Long Island, or to the mansions that dot the coast.

Human trafficking is often misunderstood and under-reported. SEPA Mujer has identified that the most trafficked group is Spanish-speaking Central American women. Stigma surrounding trafficking and the media’s distorted presentation of it have led to a broken understanding and response on all levels. Often times, victims of trafficking are not even aware that they themselves are victims. Victims of human trafficking are often isolated from friends, neighbors and relatives; they are often forced to live in a certain space under certain conditions; they often work for someone who controls their earnings and their work; victims often exchange sex or forced labor for money, food, drugs or other goods. Trafficking is abusive as an institution, but it is frequently accompanied by physical and emotional abuse as well.

Trafficking Facts and Data:

  • The number of reported trafficking victims has been growing steadily each year.
  • Behind drugs and arms, human trafficking is the largest crime industry in the world.
  • About 75% of cases of trafficking reported by the Trafficking Resource Center were categorized as Sex Trade (2015), and
    • 91% of sex trafficking victims were female
    • 33% of victims were minors
      • On average, teens enter the sex trade from ages 12-14 and often times had run away from home within days of being picked up by a trafficker.
    • Naturally, the great majority of cases reported had victim’s place of origin listed as the United States, but Mexico was number two.
  • 2.4 Million people are being trafficked worldwide
    • 80% of them are being sold and abused for sex trade
  • Over 30 billion US Dollars are gained yearly from the trafficking industry

VIBS can provide:

  • Information on the criminal justice process
  • Legal guidance
  • Advocacy
  • Court accompaniment
  • Assistance with obtaining services
  • Referral for support and/or housing
  • Counseling/Support
    • VIBS’ Trafficking program is designed to break down the trauma that exists for a victim and help to reduce the symptoms of PTSD that many trafficked persons face. The program is focused on intervention, information and education to help restore normality to the lives of victims.

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