HALT Offenders

Domestic Violence Offenders Program

The HALT Program Promoting Change & Accountability


The HALT program is designed to help domestic violence offenders understand and encourage change for their hurtful/controlling behaviors towards an intimate partner and or children. The HALT Program offers a variety of different services, which are offered in the daytime, evening and weekends.  There is a fee for our services.

Our services include:

    Domestic Violence Accountability Program (English & Spanish)
    Domestic Violence Parenting Program
    Suffolk County Domestic Violence Probation/HALT Collaboration Program
    S.A.V.E. (Sheriffs Antiviolence Effort) – minimum security DWI Facility
    Female Offender Program

Wanting to change hurtful and controlling behaviors is not enough. Many participants find that they continue these behaviors even after they have promised themselves, and their partners, that they would stop. Although they want to change, most do not stop without getting help. Ask for help today at 631-360-2270 or halt