Legal Services Department

The Legal Services department at VIBS exists to provide quality legal representation to our clients, victims of violence. For survivors of violence, having an attorney can increase the likelihood of obtaining a civil order of protection. These court orders, in turn, can reduce the occurrence of violence and help survivors feel safer and more empowered in their relationships and in their lives. Our attorneys can also assist with other legal issues, such as child custody, divorce, housing, and government benefits, which may be holding survivors back from leaving abusive relationships.

Victims of violence are frequently not in a position to hire their own attorneys for financial, safety or other reasons. Victims in low-income households experience five times the rate of domestic abuse of victims in higher-income households. With VIBS’ team of litigators and support staff, clients who are in financial need are afforded the invaluable opportunity to pursue justice in a court of law at no charge. VIBS staff attorneys work in the Suffolk County Family, District and Supreme Courts. Please contact Legal Services for more information or to see if you qualify.


Our Team

Judy Lukose, Director of Legal Services 

Ms. Lukose is a highly respected attorney that has handled many types of cases, including all major areas of family law and divorce. She has been described as competent, knowledgeable and a true fighter for her clients. She has won many trials in the areas of divorce, orders of protection, custody, visitation, child support and small claims. She has practiced in all five boroughs and in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. She is experienced and aggressive, yet known in the courts as reasonable. Ms. Lukose previously worked for one of the busiest law firms on Long Island, as well as a high volume firm in Queens. This has allowed her to experience many different types of cases and become well-known and respected by the judges and fellow attorneys. She is a former attorney for the Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and continues to give a voice to those who need it most at VIBS. She possesses the sensitivity required to handle family law and divorce issues.  Ms. Lukose is a respected member of Queens Bar Association, New York State Bar Association and a member of the Queens County Arbitrator Panel.

Lorelei Franco, Legal Assistant

Phone: 631- 360-3730