Domestic Violence

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, help is available: call the VIBS 24-hour Crisis Hotline at (631) 360-3606.

Domestic violence is the systematic use of threats, intimidation or physical force to gain control over another person. While domestic violence is often thought of as physical abuse between two spouses or partners, the reality is that domestic violence can occur between any relatives or members of a household. Domestic violence comes in all forms and levels of hostility or severity. If you or someone you know has experienced any of the following, VIBS counselorsadvocates and attorneys are here to help. To receive information on how VIBS may be able to help you, send an email or call our Hotline.

Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence, and being able to spot potential signs and offer safety tips can help ensure a person’s safety.

Physical Abuse – hitting, slapping, punching, pushing, forceful grabbing, holding, biting, hair pulling, choking, spitting, blocking doors

Emotional Abuse – screaming, swearing, extreme jealousy/lack of trust, manipulation, isolation, threats, humiliation

Sexual Abuse – demanding sexual favors, forcing sex, unwanted or unwelcome intimate contact

Financial Abuse – withholding funds, stealing money or property, giving an allowance

To contribute to the efforts of VIBS on behalf of victims of domestic violence, click here.