Community Outreach and Education

The Community Outreach and Education department at VIBS consists of professional staff with extensive experience in providing preventive education and professional trainings. Raising awareness through education and outreach are essential to preventing violence and changing the way that the public views victims. VIBS’ team of educators act as liaisons between VIBS and the public, seeking to directly engage the community concerning the issue of violence.

With one in three women being physically abused by a spouse or intimate partner in their lifetime, there is a great need for intervention, prevention and education whenever possible. There is still so much misinformation on the topic of violence in general and a misunderstanding toward victims, this is what community educators at VIBS work to correct.

We provide:

  • Educational presentations to professional groups, organizations, schools, faith or religious communities on the topics of:
    • Domestic violence, dating violence, intimate partner violence, family violence
    • Rape and sexual assault (including “date rape”)
    • Sexual harassment
    • Human trafficking
  • Enough is Enough sexual assault prevention education on college campuses
  • Brochures and literature
  • Participation in health fairs, workshops and conferences
  • Long term Primary Prevention programs

If you are interested in having a representative from VIBS speak to your organization, please contact the Community Education Department at (631) 360-3730.